I am always looking for more work. If you have a project that you need a good Director of Photography or a really good filmmaking to create your project...don't hesitate to contact me. There is not project to big or to small for me, I can get the crew, the gear and get the ideas together for what ever your project is. 

Now I do prefer to DP specifically (also that is what my degree is in) but because I a first and for-most a filmmaker I know pretty much every role in Video/Film Production. So if you need editing, motion graphics, treatment...I can do all that too. So if you think we will be a good fit...shoot me a message on my contact page.

If you are a Director/Filmmaker looking for a great DP, an Ad Agency needing full service video production, a company wanting to step up your visual look through the camera…look no further and lets work together.

My goal is to be “DPing” as much as I can. I love emotional story telling with intentional lighting, the perfect composition for the mood of the story, and nerding out with technology to push the bounds of what is possible through the lens. I live and breathe this stuff but my favorite type of filmmaking is Documentary filmmaking. Something about telling real stories with real people is so gratifying to me and of coarse adding my cinematic flare to the twist to really make it come alive is all I think about.

I have work for all sorts of companies and brand, some small and local and some national/global and what they all have had in common is the need for great visual story telling. 

Now..let's work together!